Whether for company mergers, for the restructuring of an enterprise, for targeting new corporate markets or for achieving new goals in any institution, the Oroborus Foundation methodically determines the best solution. And it does so quickly, with concrete measures that bring clear results.

The basis for success

These are dynamic times of change and complexity. Those who fail to adjust accordingly will be sidelined. That is just as true for global corporations as for regional companies, public institutions or private organisations.

Luckily, however, some fifty years ago Professor Stafford Beer developed a system for successful organizations based on the cybernetics principles originated by Professor Norbert Wiener.

Just as neurology controls living organisms in nature, it also controls every kind of organisation in our civilisation – be it a medium-sized tool company, a multinational foodstuffs corporation, a public transport organisation, a regional health ministry or an innovation park for start-ups.

Stafford Beer implemented this neurological control through his «Viable System Model», his «Syntegration Method», and his «Operations Room Concept». And we have developed it further into the «Third Dimension of Organization».

Stafford Beer

Our services

The Oroborus Foundation offers a wide range of services both in German and in English. For each project we assemble a dedicated team of professionals. In the shortest possible time, they develop together with you the effective set of measures.

Our offer includes:

– we analyse and optimize your organisation’s control and communication structure. So that complexity becomes a strength.

Viable System Model VSM – new structures for a new era
VSM customizes your organisation to focus on what your clients pay for and on the needs of your strategy. This is our speciality. With our method we diagnose the structure of your company and make it measurably comparable against alternatives. Instead of limiting ourselves to organization charts, we also work out the necessary control and communication structures. In this way, agility, change and renewal become intrinsically part of your organisation – obviating the need for constant reorganisation. VSM is state-of-the-art for organizing the structures of today and tomorrow, thus turning complexity into strength.

– we define solutions for the important tasks and major challenges of your organization. To keep you on track.

Syntegration – the faster way to solve complex challenges
Syntegration is well proven for reaching goals that are hardly attainable by conventional ways and means. In a three-day retreat we let your most important key people confront each other with their knowledge and skills. Thanks to our sophisticated communication structure and implementation drive, this brings results that nobody would have thought possible. For post-merger integration, cost reduction, strategy development, reorganization or crisis management, our credo is: «Don’t fight forces – use them».

– we set up a modern real-time command centre for your organization. To let you decide quickly and correctly.

Operations Room – the modern control centre
In times of crisis, companies set up situation rooms where they collect and evaluate information in real time. Nowadays, real-time control is more than ever necessary, even during normal operations. Our modern control centre is designed according to the principles of chronology, factual logic and socio-psychology. Instead of managers having to search for information out of reports and presentations, the Operations Room automatically draws attention to developments that are important and require action. It provides the necessary overview, focuses on what is relevant, and frees you from the ballast of unnecessary data. This enables faster and better management decisions, for optimal leadership.

About us

The Oroborus Foundation is a politically and denominationally neutral foundation based in Altendorf, Switzerland. We promote cybernetic management as scientifically founded by Stafford Beer.


Bernadette Langenick Pfister, President
Founder, Shareholder and Chairman/Delegate of the Board Auto-i-dat AG (since 1990)
President Swiss Automotive Aftermarket SAA (2008-2017)
Board member Salon International de l’Automobile (2009-2017)

Bernadette Langenick Pfister

Martin Pfiffner, Dr. oec. HSG
Management consultant MP Consulting (since 2018)
Managing partner Management Center St. Gallen (1995-2012)
Member of the Metaphorum cybernetics network (since 1997)

Martin Pfiffner

Marc Höchli, Dr. phil.
Commissioner for Communication of the Government of Canton Zug (2007–2021)
Company owner komku for Communication (1993-2006)
Correspondent/Editor/Presenter at Swiss Radio SRF (1984-1990)

Marc Höchli

Our method

It takes more than organization charts and flow charts for organizations to function properly. Effective control and communication structures are indispensable.

The Oroborus Foundation has the methods and resources to get your organisation on track. We rely on Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model, his Syntegration Method and Operations Room Concept. Another important cornerstone is «The Third Dimension of Organization» by Martin Pfiffner. He has disseminated Stafford Beer’s  theoretical foundations over the past decades and supplemented them with practical approaches.

The tried and tested models and methods of the Oroborus Foundation have proved their worth for all types of organisation: for SMEs as well as for large corporations, for NGOs or for public administrations. In all sectors and in all kinds of cultures around the world.


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